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" One of the most fun shows in town, with a terrific jazz band that in Miles Russell boasts one of the best trumpeters I've ever heard."

John Nathan, Jewish Chronicle. 6/7/01

(Hmmmm, he needs to get out more!)

Miles with Izzy Van Randwick

Song of Singapore

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blackhole monsters album

 "of course it's ok to use the track-

your work on it was outstanding

in every way."  Tel from the

Blackhole Monsters.

Review in the Musician's Union magazine August 2006

for Miranda Sykes' album "Bliss":

Miranda is "probably at her best during 'When You Think It's Over It's Just Begun', the soulful trumpet of Miles Russell as a superb foil for a mature tale of emotional recognition. Well worth checking out."


"Hi Miles

just a quick one to say "many thanks again for last night - you were excellent and lets get some more gigs for you in the book - nice one"

Steve Turner  (the boss of Madness cover band LP6)

"Celebrated MD and ace trumpeter Miles Russell"

Roddy Phillips - The Press & Journal, Aberdeen - Trap 4 Tap dance show, April 2001.

"Hi Miles. Many thanks for playing at our service.

Many people have said that you 'made' it.

It was brilliant."

Playing classical trumpet at the wedding of Oli and Amy Jago, St Michael's, Betchworth, July 2010.


"The Band were absolutely superb"

Jimmy Page, who came to see the Hurtwood House concert

in which Miles directed, MDed, and played keyboards, trumpet,

percussion and accordion, Feb 2011.

jimmypage Kimbo Soundtrack

'Thank you so much for your work this week, it's been an absolute pleasure.  It was brilliant to have such a talented musician and performer with us and also someone that talked some sense." (Bryony Thomas - director)

"The trumpet was awesome" (audience member)

Which part did you enjoy most? "Trumpet and mute" (audience member)

Comments from the director, and audience, from the showing of R&D for "Soundtrack" with Kimbo Theatre Company, July 2015.

song of singapore scan Geraud trumpet MadnessGig MT16   001 crop 2

"Subtle and expert musicianship" is the Link Magazine verdict

on Paul TIlley's album 'A Better Place' which features Miles on trumpet and flugel horn. April 2011.

Paul Tilley

"Chichester Festival Theatre Youth’s open-air promenade performance wove through the ideal woodland setting, with the audience being led by the full cast and the excellent band of musicians to various locations in the park."

Barrie Jerram, The Argus, July 2017 - Grimm Tales


"An impressive encore by the Kellerman's Band at the end is the cherry on the cake of a deliciously nostalgic night out."

Danielle Roper,

Manchester Evening News, May 2019 - Dirty Dancing


Touring head of music/Kellerman's Band


"Kellerman's Band were so good I'd go and see a show

just featuring them." Northampton.


"A subtle but highly appropriate use of actor-musicians by Bellone as the background entertainment staff allows Kieran Kypers, Ben Mabberley and Miles Russell to show off their proficiency on many instruments in various different styles." Broadway World



Kira Malou (Baby) Michael O'Reilly (Johnny); Dirty


"beautifully written songs for the animals - my personal favourite being the grumpy camel song!"

"The show itself was brilliant. It was very simply done with bright colours and catchy songs."

Megan Roberts

Dear Zoo